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Here is a collection of kewl sites our staff has found. Not all sites are Christian, but none have
 objectionable content, and the whole family can enjoy them. However, content on sites does
change, so if you find anything you question, please let us know by E-mail. Please visit 
the sponsors above who help bring you this site.

  • 7 Days of Creation A beautiful presentation of the creation, as told in Genesis with Macromedia Flash.
  • God Cam Ok, it's not really God's camera, but it is a satellite that can take a photo of your state, city, neighborhood, house, from way up in the heavens. Just enter your address and zoom in.
  • GreenWay Carpet Cleaning:The most recommended carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning company in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. We Love our customers and our customers Love us! Come on by the office, call, or send us an email. GreenWay Carpet Cleaning 1516 E TROPICANA Ave, Ste 136,Las Vegas,NV 89119 (702) 460-0602

  • He is Risin Christ is risen from the dead. A Macromedia Flash presentation of His power over the grave.
  • High Flight This poem written by a fighter pilot who was killed in action soon after writing it. This one of my favorites poems.
  • Inspired Network: is a social network where Christian internet users can connect with other Christians all over the world. This dynamic community of people are looking to connect, share, and belong as we praise and share our love of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Christian church and the Gospel on inspired-network, soon to be the largest online community for Christians and for those seeking to socialize with other Christians.
  • Interview With God:  A beautiful presentation in Flash, of one person's dream of a conversation with God. 
  • Mission X Space Commander Game You are the Commander of the mission, Zophar, will assist you in completing your mission and on your course through the galaxies.
  • Nadya's Underwater Adventure Game! An online game with animation and sound! You as Underwater Super seeker must get past Shark Caverns as you hunt for the greatest treasure that you can ever find, "The Great Pearl!" Wait till you see the treasure in the end! 
  • Only One! A moving example with sight and sound that there is only One God, and you are the one he loves and died for. 
  • The Storm If you love to sit back and enjoy a good storm, but theirs not a cloud in the sky, sit back and enjoy.
  • The Walk This Shockwave feature has been viewed by millions and is a moving dramatization of Christ's love for us.
  • WebTech Design Group We can design your site with streaming audio and/or video, or add it to your existing site at very reasonable rates.

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